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Carrito de compra


The Audio System is an essential part of any Audio Visual space, whether it is for listening to background music, presentations, conferences, environmental audio, business messages, telephone calls, amplifying speakers' voices, etc. 

It is important to know the basic components to equip any audiovisual space such as: sound sources, audio consoles, speakers, amplifiers and audio processors. As well as the necessary inputs and outputs to connect all the devices you want to listen to. Currently there are devices with inputs and outputs for audio such as HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airplay. 

Before purchasing any equipment we must know how it will be used to know and install the appropriate equipment. In a meeting room, good equipment will be required to listen to presentations, videos, phone calls or amplify speakers' voices.

In a Monitoring Center, to listen to alerts, public messages, phone calls, etc. For Physical Security it is used in panic buttons, emergency alerts, intrusion, accident or seismic alerts, business messages, etc.

For Digital Signage, we will use audio such as: music for branding, to improve productivity with the rhythm of the music, to impact buyers, to predispose certain activities of visitors and collaborators, etc.. 

With us you can find everything you need to equip any Audio Visual space. Grupo Covix works from planning, engineering, implementation, commissioning and maintenance integrating the best manufacturers of Audio Systems, including in each Solution, analog or digital signals, speakers or speakers for ceiling or wall, sound bars, audio systems, amplifiers and more.