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Carrito de compra

Digital Signage

Digital advertising or digital signage, has become increasingly popular in our country. It turns around the idea of distributing digital content to different outlets that may be located in different geographical sites. A couple of computer operations in a central location are sufficient to distribute a whole marketing campaign with images, videos and any kind of announcements to a display located anywhere in the world.

To achieve this, it is not only important to choose the appropriate displays, it is also necessary to work in a network design, players (content players), brackets, wiring - and never forget the installation details. The display may or may not have a player integrated, depending on the design of each Digital Signage project.

Besides having a proper content distribution design and a display that fits the type of message you want to send, it is also important to have the proper matching of the spaces in which the displays will be mounted. The display will look as good as the surrounding space allows it to. For this reason we must coordinate proper assembly and installation of the displays, with brackets to wall, ceiling or floor, as well as the enclosure, housing or structural framework that makes them look better.

​Internal Communication

Also known as Corporate Communication, it is an Audio and Video System to communicate messages that is used within companies.

This system is mainly made up of screens located in common areas such as receptions, lobbies, dining rooms, elevators, toilets, etc. with the main objective of keeping all employees informed. It can be complemented with an audio system in areas that require it and that do not interrupt the activities of the end users. Corporate Identity,

With us you can find LCD screens, LED stand alone or LCD screens, LED for video wall, touch screens, etc..


The evolution of the buyer has led companies to go beyond printing an eye-catching poster or photographing the fashion model; shopping should be a unique experience. 

Innovating and offering disruptive spaces improves the experience of visitors or buyers. Digital communication will enhance the consumer experience and bring the information directly to the end user. 

Rethinking the shopping experience does not only involve having screens, videowalls or a good microphone and audio equipment; the shopping experience includes, from the beginning of production until it reaches the hands of the final consumer. 

The solutions for Retail that Grupo Covix offers include biometrics, LPR, parking pens, CCTV, video analytics, transaction monitoring, Monitoring Centers, Facility Automation, Audio and promotional music, advertising screens, video walls, panic buttons, smoke and fire detectors, voice systems and loudspeakers, etc.

All these systems help to prevent losses, reduce waste, control different spaces, direct advertising and best increase sales and profits.

​Receptions and Lobbies

Digital Signage in Receptions and Lobbies is a media that is capturing the attention of more companies every day. 

The versatility of products that exist for this solution is very wide since it allows to design and adapt any idea in any environment. Besides being very useful to give an innovative aspect to these spaces, they are an excellent marketing complement innovating with advertising messages and reducing printing costs. 

Little by little, it has become more powerful in its use as an internal corporate communication system, since corporate channels are currently used to transmit messages to employees or visitors in real time and immediately. 

Being able to send images, videos and audio is very easy thanks to the integration of players or processors. Automating the switch-on, switch-off or playback of certain templates will make the use of equipment such as LED screens, LCD led screens, totems, players, etc. easier and more convenient.


The kiosks are mostly used at the point of sale, we can find them with a standard screen that displays the information or with a touch screen, giving rise to interactive kiosks. Both work with a player that allows to perform different functions with a simple interface for the end user. 

Currently they are used in different markets and places such as: banks, airports, recreation centers, hospitals, shopping malls, self-service stores, clothing stores, etc. 

With us you can find standard screens, LED screens, touch screens, touch panels and more elements to design and install the best kiosks.

​Outdoor Advertising

Nowadays, outdoor advertising is used to transmit messages of a commercial nature, to impact potential customers, users, buyers and other spectators on the move. 

Due to its location as its name suggests, the number of people impacted by the messages is greater than other types of advertising because its striking and bright nature stands out in the environment it is in and will capture the attention of many more people for a greater number of impressions. 

We can find this type of advertising in spectaculars, billboards, mobile billboards, mupis, videowalls and totems. 

With us you can find LED modules, LED screens and LCD LED screens for different spaces such as Buildings, Stadiums, Spectaculars, Convention Centers, Hotels.

​TV Forums or Television Studios

The world of Television evolves day by day, nowadays, it is not enough to have the best actors, presenters or to have the best wardrobe. It's about captivating the viewer with the latest technology to capture their attention and create unforgettable moments. 

Large size touchscreens, LCD screen videowalls or direct LED video walls, made for the interaction between the presenter and the show’s content, are just some of the options seen everyday in the most sophisticated TV studios in show business.

For more than 35 years Grupo covix has carried out different projects such as: TV forums, film studios, post production facilities, booths, etc., equipping them with the best in LED screens, UHD screens, video walls, touch screens, collaboration systems, microphones and audio, advertising.