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War Room

What is a War Room?

The War Rooms are designed for the visualization and monitoring of risks or emergencies in a country, state, or company, as well as the monitoring of people or properties affected by a situation. The main objective of these spaces is that users can centralize information on an emergency, request resources, plan and adjust responses or actions to be taken to make decisions and act in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

War Rooms can be used to monitor, declare alerts, activate a crisis plan and make decisions to respond to emergencies or disasters. In short, they are a necessary tool for coordination and effective response to a threat and/or emergency response.

Its main functions are:
- To share information between different institutions and elements that intervene during an emergency (Collaboration).
- Provide prompt and timely information to guide correct decision making.
- Develop response and action plans.

It is very common for there to be a War Room next to a Monitoring Center, given that in the operation while the Monitoring Center is monitoring any possible event that requires attention, when it occurs it will be escalated to the War Room so that the pertinent decisions can be made.

Due to the type of information that is handled in a War Room, it is very important that these spaces have a Collaboration System that allows the interaction between different spaces, sites, facilities or even Cities.

A good War Room has Videowall, screens, touch screens, touch panels, Collaboration and Automation Systems, CCTV centralization, audio and microphones.