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Carrito de compra

C2´s, C4´s, C5´s

Security Control Rooms are Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems, also called C4´s. These can operate on three levels: local, state and federal levels, and they remain in operation 24/7, under strict rules and procedures that lead them to minimize their emergency response times. To achieve this we provide high specification equipment, such as audiovisual and Physical Security, supported by a specialized technical area always ready to provide the required maintenance.

Each Control Room has at least one Videowall displaying high definition video signals and information feeds that match the user’s specific requirements. This Video wall can be made of LED, LCD or PDP technology video cubes or flat panel displays with the least possible separation from each other. Besides displaying information, a collaboration system may be integrated, with specialized software that is capable of sending and receiving video and audio data between different boardrooms, control rooms or videowalls. This way, the operations chief in a Control Room can send signals and data to the War Room, or to remote sites located in other buildings or cities, allowing them to react quickly and efficiently upon diverse incidents or security breaches. All of this with the right compression and encryption that ensure the data’s safety. The information display, hand in hand with the collaboration, are elements that will impact the operation and functionality of the Center.

Indoor and outdoor cameras, PTZ´s or fixed, analog or digital and DVRs with different capacities, are integral to our CCTV solutions. The Access Control is another core component for Physical Security solutions. The biometric readers, among other technologies, allow access safeguarding in private spaces.