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Carrito de compra

Automation and Control

Automation is the component that will have a centralized control over all the installed equipmen in a Boardroom, Control Room, C4 or audio visual space. Through automation, we are liberated from all the different remote controls for different installed brands, and gather all functionality onto a touch screen with the menus and the design required by the user to have total control in a single device.

The main goal is to control all the equipment with a single touch panel, with the ability to raise and lower audio levels, or turning on or off screens, air conditioning, lighting, curtains, etc.. The automation will allow us to send images from a camera, PC or Blu-Ray to a Videowall or a particular screen, calling predefined scenarios, set at the moment of the automation programming.


An Automation System will allow us to control all Audio equipment located in a Meeting RoomMonitoring Center or C4, thus freeing these locations from remote controls or cables that might get lost, hamper, or visually contaminate a space.

All equipment that integrate an Audio System can be controlled by different devices such as tablets, touch screens, smartphones, etc.. Different scenarios can be designed for videoconferencing, presentations, trainings, etc. The main objective of automating an Audio System is to lower and raise the volume levels, turn on or off equipment, route different existing audio signals, switch on or off microphones, adjust the volume of the microphone, etc. 

With us you will be able to find a wide range of products for Audio Automation, such as: push buttons, microphones, loudspeakers, mixers, amplifiers, loudspeakers, conference and video conference systems, simultaneous translation systems, etc.

Video Automation

Video automation is a component that will allow us to have centralized control over all the Visualization equipment in different spaces. 

By means of a device such as touch screen, touch panel or cell phone, you can have total control of the different equipment that make up a Visualization System located in 1 or more places, thus freeing us of remote controls, cables and other components that can hinder or generate visual pollution or can get lost. 

Any space with A/V equipment can be automated such as: Meeting Rooms, Media Rooms, Executive Rooms, Auditoriums, Intelligent Classrooms, Monitoring Centers, C5´s, C4´s, etc.

​Room Reservation System

Corporate offices now have multiple meeting rooms for workers to hold their meetings. As the number of meetings multiplies, the need arises for them to be scheduled in a calendar. Grupo Covix integrates solutions for Meeting Rooms, through which a user can set aside a room from a Web browser, making the Room remain set aside for a period of time. 

This system is complemented by a small screen that is installed outside the room, in which the status of the room is displayed, as well as the person for whom it is reserved, if applicable. The screen can be touch, so that the person who interacts with it can obtain more information from the Room or Meeting, as long as their user privileges allow it. 

Brands such as Crestron, AMX and Kramer, specialized in automation and control of Meeting Rooms, integrate in their product catalog the Systems of Room Separation with the intention of achieving a total automation not only of Audio and Video, but also of management of the rooms section.