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Carrito de compra


Videoconferencing is nowadays an indispensable resource for remote communication. Its successful implementation requires both professional audio and video equipment, as well as big networks with an adequate bandwidth. A room equipped for videoconferencing must integrate at least one codec, camera, microphone, a set of speakers, a display, and be supplemented with appropriate lighting and ambient audio control. It is vital to have the sufficient bandwidth required by the session. A multipoint session for example, requires a central point, a multipoint codec and also the neccessary bandwidth that supports each one of the links to the remote sites. To control the feedback, between microphones and speakers, it is necessary to have a feedback suppressor, normally covered by a Digital Signal Processor (DSP).

Particularly, in the case of having a boardroom with microphones and video conference, we reach one of the biggest challenges in audio integration. The audio from the local site and the audio from the remote site must coexist without the neccessity of having technical expertise at both points, therefore, an automated work for most of the sessions that will be carried out must be programmed. If, in addition to this, we added audio from other sources such as Blu-Ray, or computers that reproduce any type of audio signal, we would have so many elements in the mix that it would be impossible for the Board to work without a digital signal processor (DSP). This device has different audio inputs and outputs, as well as filters to equalize and regulate audio levels, feedback, and other signals that can be generated in a session with or without video conference. Our company can assist you with a design that integrates the right components for the audio to be appropriate in a Boardroom, an auditorium or Control Room.


Microphony A quality Microphone System will reproduce the sound with the same characteristics with which it was captured. Finding the ideal microphone will help prevent sound problems such as: echo, noise, lag, etc. Therefore, integrating a Microphone System into a Videoconferencing System is primordial. In addition, it must be visually adapted to each space; this can be achieved by choosing the best option for each site with: ceiling microphones, ceiling microphones, ceiling microphones, table microphones, table microphones, headset microphones, gooseneck microphones, lapel microphones, surface microphones, etc. 

With Grupo Covix you will be able to obtain the best advice for planning, integrating, installing and setting up the best microphone systems for videoconferencing. 

Audio for Videoconferences

The integration of audio is a challenge in audiovisual projects. We can find from a simple speaker system to accompany a screen, to a digital audio processor to electronically equalize the different audio sources in the same room.

The space of the venue, the materials and finishes of the venue, as well as the particular tastes of the users, will be able to define the appropriate audio equipment for each place.

Making a custom design according to the acoustic characteristics of each location is our specialty. Our team of Project Managers can collaborate to achieve optimal performance of any audio system.


Today, many kinds of displays and screens can be found in both, the consumer and professional market. This variety can lead to confusion, which is why we must know which display or screen is the one that meets the purpose of each application. It is important to choose screens or displays for every kind of application, whether for Home Theater entertainment in a residence, for Digital Signage in a shopping mall or for a Videowall in which a CCTV system, that requires high specification displays to operate 24/7 without presenting any markup, can be monitored.

Grupo Covix, with its sales area and support staff, can advise you with the best choice of screens or displays according to thePlanning, Engineering and Design made by our technical support team. Within our representations range, we can find the following groups of screens and displays:


Telepresence arose when it was possible to make the experience of videoconferencing more real. That is, if we refurbish a room with videoconferencing with the same lighting, table, chairs, audio level, resolution, etc. on all sites involved, we will ensure that there is a sense of continuity from one room to another, making the screen which reflects the remote site seem like only a thin transition to the other side of the table.

Unlike other telepresence solutions on the market, Grupo Covix employs patented technology that allows a real telepresence, offering direct eye-contact between the members of the session. This totally changes remote communication, achieving a different experience. A common session of videoconference in which there is no eye-contact, is usually tiresome and invariably ends up with distractions from the listener, however, when there is direct eye contact, you can customize a talk, addressing each person without the need to call its name. Communication with eye-contact significantly raises the level of attention.

In a Telepresence Room, it is important to integrate proper lighting, atmosphere, engineering and technology achieving a more realistic communication experience between points that are linked from anywhere in the world. In the same way, it is also very important that the bandwidth is adequate, as this will allow the streaming of high quality audio and video between remote sites to be possible.