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Carrito de compra


From small auditoriums to auditoriums for more than 600 people are developed and installed by our team of Project Managers and Technicians. 

Audiovisual equipment in an auditorium is crucial to getting the presenter to convey the message to their audience. This will require that the audio and video that the presenter wants to broadcast be perfectly visible and perfectly audible to all attendees of the auditorium, from those in the front row to those in the back row. 

For the video presentation, a large projector and front screen will be required, or a high brightness LED screen is much more advisable, especially in cases where the lighting of the auditorium is difficult to control. As for the audio, we will require from a microphone system for the presenter, to an adequate distribution of speakers, either in line array, speakers to ceiling, or speakers to wall/wall. Other systems such as simultaneous translation, teleprompters, sound booth, acoustic insulation, etc., are part of the audiovisual integration that makes it possible for Grupo Covix to provide turnkey solutions for first world auditoriums.