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Carrito de compra


Grupo Covix S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican company founded in 1983. It consolidated in its first few years thanks to the sale of computers, mainframes and hardware in general. Later, it was a pioneer in Mexico for selling projection equipment, representing the Electrohome brand and turning it into the leading brand for data projection equipment in Mexico.

Due to the evolution of the audiovisual market and the clients’ continued need for more sophisticated projects, CISA dedicated itself fully to design audio, video and control solutions for Boardrooms, Auditoriums and especially Control Rooms through advanced technology. It is thanks to this, that our staff have acquired great experience in project development.

In 2003, Grupo Covix S.A. de C.V. was formed to combine both Comunicaciones e Informática, Altinex Latinoamérica and CISA Corp., the latter located in Miami, Florida; to take charge of Central and South America’s operations. This partnership has strengthened the group and has increased our presence in the Latin American market. We have a solid base of clients that back us up with locations nationally and internationally. Our clients have proven our sale and post-sale services, which has allowed us to keep being recommended for new projects.

Nowadays, Grupo Covix is leading the high-end design audiovisual projects market. This is how we have entered the 3D and Virtual Reality market with visualization projects for companies like Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX). In the same way, we have recently ventured into the integration of  Physical Security projects, including technologies like CCTV and Access Control for Data Centers and Strategic Facilities.

We have installed systems in large corporations in all of the Mexican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru and Colombia, among others.

We base our success in providing our clients with integral solutions that fit their needs, supported in our Project Design area, which is later backed by the Installation and Services area. This is how Grupo Covix has consolidated itself as a leading company in the audiovisual market.