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Carrito de compra


A CCTV system is controlled remotely from a Control Room, Monitoring Center, C4, C2, etc. which allows remote viewing of the cameras; it transmit the signal to a videowall or screens that reproduce the images at any time.


Nowadays, most manufacturers of CCTV equipment develop software to manage the images generated by surveillance cameras, whether they are digital or analog cameras. This type of software is called VMS (Video Management Software). The main function of a VMS software is to manage the images and data (IVS) coming from the cameras, so that this information can be processed by operators or automated procedures and give timely response to a particular event.

The capabilities of this type of software are growing every day, as it allows us to integrate various physical security technologies such as intrusion systems, access control systems, fire fighting systems or even BIM systems, which can converge on the same platform and make video surveillance systems more efficient.

Another software widely used in the world of CCTV is Video Analytics. Analytical Video is software that extracts useful information from video images, converting video into data that can tell us something or send an alarm depending on the type of video. A very common analytical video is the LPR (License Plate Recognition), which is the one in charge of identifying the license plates of a vehicle through an algorithm in charge of identifying and separating this data from the video. Another very common analytic is VMD (Video Motion Detection), which simply reacts to any movement that exists in a given image.

Grupo Covix can supply the CCTV software that best suits your needs, from a simple VMS to a complex video analytic that requires integration for a turnkey project.


Cameras are an essential part of a CCTV system, they are the source that will feed the system with video. Even though analog cameras are still used, digital cameras are mostly used today largely because they are configured within a TCP/IP network to receive an IP address and are easily managed and administered. There are 4 main types of cameras, indoor fixed, outdoor fixed, indoor PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom), and outdoor PTZ. There are accessories for all these cameras that will make them easy to mount and use.

Grupo Covix has a wide range of cameras for closed circuit such as: cameras with night vision, motion detection, thermal, wireless, HD, thermographic, dome and bullet, thermal and multispectral long range systems, LPR (License Plate Recognition), etc..


As CCTV systems evolved, cameras and recorders evolved, giving way to digital technologies in video surveillance systems and since then the way to store video was made in digital video recorders (DVR) which used mainly HDD to store video of better resolutions and higher image quality.

Technological advances have pushed video surveillance systems to use network technologies, allowing them to store images from cameras with high quality resolutions regardless of where they come from on devices called network video recorders (NVRs). This gives us the ability to store significant amounts of video in services that we now know as "the cloud", an online service that doesn't need to physically have a computer in the same place where the security cameras are located and that is compatible with multiple brands of manufacturers.

One of the most important advantages of the new video surveillance systems is the ability to access these images from any mobile or desktop device and from anywhere, using secure methods of access to information, giving users peace of mind knowing that their information is well protected.


CCTV accessories are accessories that will help us to mainly adapt the cameras, either to improve their mounting, or to achieve some additional functionality in particular, such as adapting infrared emitters to achieve a longer night vision distance. There are camera mounts for dome, mini dome, wall, ceiling, indoor, outdoor, etc. In addition to mounting accessories, there are accessories to encapsulate the cameras and protect them from vandalism, or extreme weather. These accessories are also called housings. 

Cables, eliminators, power supplies, transceivers, connectors, cabinets, sockets, etc., are part of the wide range of accessories that Grupo Covix can choose to deliver a turnkey CCTV project.