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Carrito de compra


Telepresence arose when it was possible to make the experience of videoconferencing more real. That is, if we refurbish a room with videoconferencing with the same lighting, table, chairs, audio level, resolution, etc. on all sites involved, we will ensure that there is a sense of continuity from one room to another, making the screen which reflects the remote site seem like only a thin transition to the other side of the table.

Unlike other telepresence solutions on the market, Grupo Covix employs patented technology that allows a real telepresence, offering direct eye-contact between the members of the session. This totally changes remote communication, achieving a different experience. A common session of videoconference in which there is no eye-contact, is usually tiresome and invariably ends up with distractions from the listener, however, when there is direct eye contact, you can customize a talk, addressing each person without the need to call its name. Communication with eye-contact significantly raises the level of attention.

In a Telepresence Room, it is important to integrate proper lighting, atmosphere, engineering and technology achieving a more realistic communication experience between points that are linked from anywhere in the world. In the same way, it is also very important that the bandwidth is adequate, as this will allow the streaming of high quality audio and video between remote sites to be possible.