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Rear Projection Screens

Rear projection screens are widely used on video walls for Control Rooms, because these can be cut according to the size required for a custom design.

For this reason, it is common to see rear projection screens on large videowalls. Larger screens are designed this way, so that not many small screens are required.

A design with larger rear projection screens also helps the image processing, making it more efficient. Less screens mean fewer output channels in a Wall Controller or Video Processor.

Rear projection screens are also used in video cubes, with the difference that these are already lined products, usually on preset sizes (50, 67, 70 "diagonal) for ease of use and installation. The characteristics of a rear screen varies depending on the gain, brightness and type of image needed to be projected, but mostly depending on the angle of visibility to the observer.

A rear projection screen allows you to save space and also can be used in bright lighted environment, as it does not affect the projection equipment’s light. A rear projection screen resembles a type of acrylic. Being transparent, a rear projection screen should be placed in front of the projector for the observer to appreciate the image without any problems.